• Dajung Yun

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Facts on COVID-19

Q) What's Coronavirus?
"It is an enveloped, positive single-stranded large RNA virus that infects humans and a wide range of animals"

Q) When was the Coronavirus first discovered?
"Coronaviruses were first described in 1966 by Tyrell and Bynoe, who cultivated the viruses from patients with common colds. "

Q) How many different types of Coronavirus exist now?
" Four subfamilies, namely alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta- coronaviruses exist."

Q) What animals are related to those subfamilies of the Coronavirus?
" While alpha- and beta-coronaviruses apparently originate from mammals, in particular from bats, gamma- and delta-viruses originate from pigs and birds."

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