We believe triaging the COVID-19 test systematically could save many lives. 

Sajung & Sijung are twin brothers, currently co-teaching "Bioinformatics: Tools for Genome Analysis" at Johns Hopkins University. They are among the top world's experts in DNA & RNA analytics fields. As COVID-19 (an RNA virus) is emerging and RNA analytics is one of the topics they were teaching to their graduate school students, they developed a simple bioinformatics tool to prescreen COVID-19 patients to help determine when to see doctors for COVID-19 testing. 

This tool is not designed to make the best guess of who has COVID-19 or not. Rather, it is focused on saving lives. There are six major symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, fatigue, no appetite, sputum, and muscle or bone pain). There are four minor symptoms of COVID-19 (sore throat, chills, headache or dizziness, and nausea or vomiting or diarrhea). More the symptoms resembling COVID-19 phenotypic presentations, more likely the person will get the recommendation to see a doctor to get tested for COVID-19.
Four "life-threatening emergency complication indicators" (difficulty breathing, chest pain or chest pressure or irregular heartbeat, bluish lips or face, and confusion) were added to the algorithm because COVID-19 patients are mostly dying from these complications. If a person shows these symptoms, the algorithm immediately marks this person as the priority.
Two risk adjusting factors were added. It is known that elders are in great danger than young adults. Also, if a person has a pre-existing COVID-19 related chronic conditions such as hypertension, respiratory disease, heart disease, diabetes, or the person is already immunocompromised, this person is in greater danger than ordinary healthy people. This algorithm accounts for these high-risk people.
As everyone knows, the COVID-19 testing capacities are very limited. By delaying the testing of low-risk common cold patients (having similar symptoms to COVID-19), more of the high-risk patients have access to the COVID-19 testing & more lives could be saved. In addition, daily, in US alone, there are two million common cold patients. Globally, there are 51 million people, suffering from common cold daily. We also would like to give them a sense of relief by providing a carefully designed bioinformatics guideline tool.  

Sajung Yun & Sijung Yun

(Bethesda, Maryland, 03/19/2020)

Our Mission

We want to help the global community use COVID-19 testing resources more effectively.


Our Vision

We want to educate people about when to get tested. Administering the right resources to the right people will save lives.

Our Vision

We want to educate people about when to get tested. Administering the right resources to the right people will save lives.

Global COVID-19 Screening Taskforce

We are all volunteers gathered to help our global community to mitigate COVID-19 and are currently organizing a nonprofit taskforce to prescreen COVID-19. If you are a physician, scientist, or a community member that can help, please email the organizer (Sajung Yun). We welcome your non-monetary contribution.

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