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Covid-19 Online Screening Tool

Assess your risk for COVID-19

By Global COVID-19 Screening Taskforce (GCST)

Image by CDC


We do not collect any of the data you are providing on the test. 

If you’re experiencing a life- or limb-threatening emergency, call 911 or the number for your local emergency service. This tool is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a medical professional for serious symptoms or emergencies.


Theoretical Background of this COVID-19 Online Screening Tool

Peer-reviewed Scientific & Medical Knowledge on COVID-19

Global Volunteer Physicians, Scientists,  Health Experts, & Community Members

"This online COVID-19 prescreening tool can greatly assist doctors and patients assess who is most at risk.  Our goal is to help SAVING LIVES." 

Sajung  Yun PhD and Sijung Yun PhD 

ZtoMed Colloquium  3/1/2020


Sajung & Sijung are twin brothers, currently co-teaching "Bioinformatics: Tools for Genome Analysis" at Johns Hopkins University and are among the top experts in the world in DNA & RNA analytics fields.


RNA analytics is being taught to their graduate school students and as COVID-19, a RNA virus is emerging, they developed a bioinformatics tool to prescreen for COVID-19 to help prioritize testing decisions for higher risk patients. 


This prescreen tool is not intended to focus on determining who has COVID-19. Rather, it is designed to save lives by identifying the symptoms for higher risk individuals to get tested sooner. The more symptoms resembling COVID-19  phenotypic presentations, the more likely the recommendation to seek medical attention for testing.  

The six major symptoms of COVID-19 are: fever, dry cough, fatigue, no appetite, sputum, and muscle or bone pain. 

The five minor symptoms of COVID-19 are: sore throat, chills, headache or dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomachache, and loss of smell or taste.


Four "life-threatening emergency complication indicators" associated with COVID-19 are: difficulty breathing, chest pain or chest pressure or irregular heartbeat, bluish lips or face, and confusion. 

They were added to the algorithm because COVID-19 patients are most at risk of dying from these complications. If a person shows these symptoms, the algorithm immediately identifies this person as a Priority to get tested. 


Two risk adjusting factors were added.

This algorithm accounts for high-risk people such as the elderly who are at greater risk than healthy young adults and for pre-existing COVID-19 related chronic conditions, such as hypertension, respiratory disease, heart disease, diabetes or immunocompromised individuals.


​Currently, COVID-19 testing capacities are very limited. By delaying the testing of low-risk Common Cold patients (similar symptoms to COVID-19), many more of the high-risk patients have access to the limited COVID-19 testing.  By shortening the test wait time and starting the treatment sooner, more lives could be saved. 


Daily, there are two million patients in the U.S and 51 million people globally suffering from the common cold. It is our intent to also provide those individuals this carefully designed bioinformatics guideline tool for a sense of relief that they are most likely not suffering from COVID-19. 


Scientific Background Knowledge of COVID-19

-Peer-reviewed Scientific & Medical Knowledge on COVID-19-

In an effort to provide credible information to the general public, we are extracting articles with scientific backed information and data that can be verified

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Jin Jung Choi, M.D., Ph.D.



Internal Medicine 

CHA University Bundang Medical Center

"This COVID-19 Online Screening Tool is a quick, essential, and medically reliable tool for screening for the COVID-19 test!"

Marcin Szuba, M.D.

Medical Advisor  

Medinice, Inc.

"At the moment testing capacities worldwide are limited. That is why we have to prioritize testing to higher-risk patients. This online tool is
an excellent example of how scientific research can be quickly adopted to guide us on how to better prioritize testing decisions."

Dr. Jen Myers, Ph.D., DNM, DACM

Chief Genomics Officer/Genetic Specialist

Link Biosciences

“The COVID-19 Online Screening Tool is a strategically researched point system that can help individuals and even healthcare providers better understand the symptoms associated with this particular virus. It’s an effective and easy tool that allows for proper risk assessment and may even provide a sense of relief for those who think they may be infected.

Win win!” 

Mhy-Lanie Adduru, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

ZtoMed, Inc.

“Developed based on the growing evidence from patients diagnosed with Covid-19 presenting with a set of symptoms, this online screening tool will effectively stratify an individual’s risk for Covid-19.”

Pat Leung, M.D., Pharm.D.

Medical Director

Medical Physicians Group, PLLC.

"It provides easy-to-understand information to physicians and patients to estimate the probability of contracting COVID-19." 

Diep Vuong, M.D.

Senior Resident Physician 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Loma Linda University Medical Center

“Even though many more people should be tested for Covid-19, realistically there’s a shortage of testing kits. ScreenCovid is an excellent prescreening tool for the general public (not medical professionals who are at higher risks of contracting and spreading the infections) to see if they should be tested for Covid-19. This will help to reassure people with mild symptoms to stay home and isolate themselves and help allocating resources until more testings are available.”

Patrick Wu, M.D., M.P.H.

Senior Fellow Physician 

Infectious Disease

Los Angeles County USC Medical Center

"ScreenCovid is an easy, evidence-based method used to quickly risk-stratify someone with non-specific viral symptoms to determine if he/she should seek professional medical attention or stay at home for continued self-monitoring. Tools such as ScreenCovid will do well to reduce the number of unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations from COVID-19 and thus mitigate the overall burden on our already taxed healthcare system."


*Previous text version COVID-19 screening test is available here.
*Thanks to Todd Conley for the graphic version of the software development and Mike Matheny & Tom Chesser for media connections.